Very early on, when we started, we made a promise to the cause of education and healthcare. With these as our pillars, we constantly push ourselves to find new and innovative ways to make healthcare more accessible and education more holistic.
While we are proud of our rich heritage, we always look ahead. We approach our two pillars of focus with a curious eye and continuously seek solutions to the ever-changing challenges of these sectors.

The mission of Indic Specialty Ayurveda is True Restoration; restoration of physical ability, balance, long-term dreams, lost harmony and everyday joys.
It focusses on a long-term cure rather than merely managing a condition. Through advanced Ayurveda, it aims to counter the adverse effects of a modern lifestyle and the disease of excess.

The Restoration Hospital practices the time-tested discipline of Ayurveda, integrating it with the essence of other health sciences without diluting or distorting its basic principles.

Within the Ayurveda initiative, there are two broad verticals:


An entire floor of the Memorial Hospital is dedicated to offering the Ayurveda model of healthcare to its patients.

This facility is unique because:

The Restoration Hospital offers patients an alternative, more holistic path to healing, helping many bounce back from critical conditions. For instance, it has been able to help patients with severe osteoarthritis or stroke; patients suffering from a seemingly incurable occurrence of psoriasis and even those with an alarmingly low platelet count. During the treatment, the patient continues the regimen of allopathic medicines as and when required, even as his body course corrects using Ayurveda.

The Restoration Hospital also benefits from easy access to the cutting-edge technology and emergency care techniques used in the allopathic approach of the Memorial Hospital.